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Natalie Wood

CDB Oils

Go Natural with CBD products. Have you heard of CBD oil? You probably have heard about the reproductive system the skeletal system the muscular system the nervous system the circulatory system the endocrine system the lymphatic system the digestive system and the respiratory system. But did you know you also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS)? You probably didn’t because unless you are a research scientist or work with medical cannabis, it is unlikely that you will have hear of it. And yet, the ECS has been called “the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Next time you tell someone you're taking CBD and they laugh at you for being a 'pot-head', you can tell them you are not taking 'pot', you're taking one of the most highly studied plants on earth and that is has been used by many cultures for centuries. Hemp was drown in the United States until becoming illegal in the 1930s. Big chemical companies didn't want the competition of renewable hemp products. In fact in 2017 alone there were 245 different studies performed worldwide looking at everything from CBD in pain treatments to using CBD before public speaking. And the vast majority of these studies show major improvements for the test subjects for a wide variety of ailments, but most noticeably for pain sufferers



Your structural foundation-your feet

The foot represents a marvel in engineering. It has evolved with the ability to do a wide range of activities. Our feet are designed to handle the jarring impacts of running(over three and a half times one’s own body weight), yet perform intricate patterns of movement like a ballerina performing a pirouette. The feet are ever vigilant in their sensory role maintaining both balance and posture. Foot mechanics play a direct role in the functional inhibition and facilitation of muscles in gait dynamics and in the proprioceptive feedback that maintains one’s posture while standing. In July 1995 Janet’s’s Travell was introduced to forefoot varum peforation by Dr. Brian Rothbart. She felt like he had uncovered an important relationship between posture and the big toe, the third dimension of Morton’s foot or what Dr. Rothbart referred to as “Primus Metatarsus Elevatus.” So how do the feet play a role in posture and myofascial dysfunction? Use the button and save 15% off your order.



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The latest Scientific research tells us, Avoid One-Size-Fits-All Dietary Guidelines. INDEED, chances are the diet gurus not only don’t know what is good for you, they don’t know what is good themselves. The gastrointestinal tract is an ecosystem that has a huge impact on human health. Research has shown the friendly gut floral content of the intestine plays a role in autoimmune disorders, autism, inflammation, obesity, allergies, bowel disease, cancer, and even psychiatric disorders. Your gut may be the most obvious place to look for the origins of depression.

Being able to examine your microbiome is a game changer in health care.

Google microbiome and mental health

Google microbiome and heart disease

Google microbiome and allergies

Google microbiome and IBS

Google microbiome and autism

Google microbiome and autoimmune disease

Google microbiome and obesity

Google microbiome and diabetes

Google microbiome and multiple sclerosis

Google microbiome and psoriasis

Google microbiome and Alzheimer’s

Google microbiome and Lupus (SLE)

Chronic diseases develop over time before visible symptoms occur. A heart attack is not caused overnight; instead, it starts 20-40 years earlier by a diet and other stressors that caused both a physiological and immune system imbalance. The same is true for many other chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, etc. Western medicine does not address chronic diseases until symptoms show up – at which point patients are prescribed pharmaceuticals as seen on TV that only cover up their symptoms instead of fixing the root cause, and that is like cutting the wire when the oil warning lights up on your dash. You don’t see the light, but sooner than later you car’s engine will be destroyed. Now with technology developed at the  Los Alamos National Lab you can discover the health of your microbiome in the privacy of your own home. What if the best you feel now is only the beginning of how great your health can be? You can now take control of our health and wellness in ways never before possible. Together we can create a world where we make illness elective, even if you are thoughtful about your diet, chances are that you are not as healthy as you may believe. That’s because your body plays host to trillions of microorganisms completely unique to each person, and if they aren’t thriving, neither will you. The test will personalize your diet for improved health and wellness based on LANL technology( Los Alamos National Lab). 

Spring into health. Become a pathfinder and leave the for profit disease management system behind  and join the wellness creation system. Please like my My Microbiome Facebook page. Please use my link to order your in home test kit. After you get your results, please join my My Microbiome Facebook group and start sharing your health, wealth. happiness and love, helping and encouraging others in their Life journey. #MyMicrobiome  Thank you very much, Dr. W. David Berglund    “MAHA” Make America Healthy Again

Best Probiotics & Prebiotics

You probably have heard about probiotics. You might even be taking a probiotic now because you heard that they help your digestion. Our gut flora do far more than help our digestion. They help our digestion, absorption and elimination. Friendly bacteria plays a major role in the health of our bodies and even our brain. Yes, there is what is called the gut-brain connection. The gut-brain is called the enteric nervous system. It connects to the brain via the vagus nerve and other complex network systems. The latest research is finding that literally trillions of microorganisms exist in a symbiotic relationship with our human cells and play a significant role in our health and well-being. Functional medicine is my passion. I have been studying and practicing it for years. I am making it a point this year to share my knowledge. I hope you find information both educational and useful.


MegaSporeBiotic™ is a 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function.The 1st ever probiotic to PROTECT its human host. This unique all-spore formula effectively RECONDITIONS the gut by promoting microbial diversity and maintaining key health-promoting, commensal gut bacteria. MegaSporeBiotic™ boasts a 5-year shelf-life, does not require refrigeration( Thus it will not be killed by the high temperatures of the gastrointestinal tract has refrigerated forms are), and maintains efficacy during antibiotic therapy( other probiotics are often killed by antibiotics). MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function and overall immunity. The bi-phasic life cycle of the Bacillus spores allows them to remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach more favorable environments of the human gastrointestinal tract where they begin to feel at home. Once inside the large intestine, these dormant spores can change into their active, vegetative forms and begin colonizing in the gut. This unique probiotic blend aims to RECONDITION the gut instead of the constant reseeding with probiotic strains that cannot survive digestion or colonize the gut. MegaSporeBiotic has quickly become a household favorite among health practitioners and consumers alike. The 1st probiotic to PROTECT its human host.  Among non-communicable diseases, intestinal permeability (metabolic endotoxemia) is the #1 cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Metabolic endotoxemia is a condition that stems from dysbiosis and a breakdown of intestinal barrier function. Intestinal permeability is present in most chronic diseases and is believed to be a major driver of many conditions. MegaSporeBiotic is clinically shown to reduce intestinal permeability by 60%, when compared to the placebo control group, in just 30 days without any additional interventions. 

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let your users know a little more about you.


Acupressure, Massage, Bodywork

Work in progress let your users know a little more about you.


Appointment Only


Initial Consultation:

  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  •  Acupuncture treatment

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  • Cupping or Gua Sha as needed

  • Plan for course of treatment

  •  Educational materials


Follow-Up Consultations:

  •     Tongue Evaluation

  •     Pulse Diagnostics

  •     Acupuncture treatment

  •     Herbal Recommendations as appropriate*

  •     Cupping or Gua Sha as needed

Natalie Wood

“I'm a testimonial. Work in progress