The Microbiome: The New Frontier in Health & Well-being

Hello from Dr. David Berglund. The one change that makes the fastest and most significant impact on my patients’ health is eating right for their microbiome. This inspired us to write an ebook. When you decide to walk on the path to discovery, please do not miss out on our $10 gift to you. To receive your gift use promo code=Berglund. You can share this gift with your family and friends. Please sign in and send me an email. If you are just starting, I am happy to answer any questions. If you have been eating your Goldilocks Diet, I would love to hear about your experience. People have been using the share button on their microbiome page to send me their test results. It is so exciting to hear about their new healthy and happy life. What was the spark that started this fire? One of my teachers told me all that glitters isn't gold. I have found something that doesn't glitter, but it is definitely gold. Hippocrates the Father of Medicine is credited with saying, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Thanks to algorithms and artificial intelligence that statement is more true today than ever. So how was this gold discovered? I have heard it said that it pays to have patience. Well as a holistic physician it does pay to have patients. One of my patients was telling me about a TV program that showed where fecal material from a healthy individual was transplanted into another individual that had Parkinson's and their health improved. The show discussed the same procedure this time with someone having autism receiving a fecal transplant from a healthy individual and getting better. I thought to myself this is some kind of a miracle that I want to learn more about. Of course I have always known the importance of friendly bacteria since I started using soil-based organisms back in the early 1990s before Garden of Life was even a company. The product was called Primal Defense. Then much more recently, I heard a talk by Naveen Jain. He is a billionaire entrepreneur that was one of the founders of Viome. I immediately ordered a Viome test kit for both myself and my wife. And I began to tell patients about this testing and they too order kits. It has long been apparent to me that I have no control over what someone eats. The foods they eat and what they drink are a big factor in their health. I also know that one man's food is another man's poison so even when I tried to suggest a healthy diet it may not be quite the right diet for them. I knew I was missing something for years. When my wife and I received our Viome results what was clear is that my superfoods were different than my wife's superfoods as were the foods we were supposed to avoid.  For example I'm supposed to avoid tomatoes, but my wife gets to eat them. I get to drink coffee, but my wife needs to avoid it. We do have three superfoods in common: garlic, sauerkraut and green tea. So if I had her eat exactly the way that I do I would be doing her a disservice. It was wonderful hearing feedback from several chronic patients which I had tried my best to get them onto a healing path. These were people that were dedicated and tried everything to get better. The good news is they began to come out of the woods of poor health and were feeling much better after following their dietary changes recommended by their microbiome results. That is something that makes me feel good. I love both the company's directive and the benefits of their testing. Viome calls me a Team Member. From my heart to yours join "My 1 million for My Microbiome". (it's my goal to help a million people)  You can do this by using my link and I thank you in advance for using it. You can receive a $10 discount if you use my last name. Yes, Berglund is the promo code to use. Feel free to share it with your family members and your friends, so they too can save $10. If you sign into my website you can contact me. I will be happy to offer my assistance and knowledge with the testing. Our ebook clearly explains why there is so much conflicting dietary information and why the Standard American Diet is truly SAD! Change your life, eat right for your microbiome.

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What is the microbiome? It is the genetic expression of the microbiota ecosystem. The 40,000 microbial species in the human body have 20 million genes while the human genome has 20,000. The microbiota is community of various microbes that live on your skin, your gums, your teeth and in your genitourinary tract and especially in your gut. The microbiome refers to the complete set of genes expressed by this network of microbes. Microbial genes significantly influence how the body operates and even outnumber human genes by a ratio of 100 to 1. Each of us has our own unique microbiota and hence our own unique microbiome. Our uniqueness comes from our birth history, our geography, our health status, our life stress, diet, age, gender, pets, and everything we touch and eat. The microbiome has arguably lately become the hottest area of medical research. It is an emerging field that investigates how the bacteria that live in and on our bodies affect our health.


The latest Scientific research tells us, to avoid the One-Size-Fits-All Dietary Guidelines. INDEED, chances are the diet gurus not only don’t know what is good for you and they don’t know what is good themselves. The gastrointestinal tract is an ecosystem that has a huge impact on human health. Research has shown the friendly gut floral content of the intestine plays a significant role in autoimmune disorders, autism, inflammation, obesityallergiesbowel diseasecancer, and even psychiatric disorders. Your gut may even be the most obvious place to look for the origins of depression. Being able to examine your microbiome is a game-changer in health care.

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Chronic diseases develop over time before visible symptoms occur. A heart attack is not caused overnight; instead it starts 20-40 years earlier by a diet and other stressors that cause both a physiological and immune system imbalance. The same is true for many other chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, etc. Western medicine does not address chronic diseases until symptoms show up – at which point patients are prescribed pharmaceuticals as seen on TV that only cover up their symptoms instead of fixing the root cause, and that is like cutting the wire when the oil warning icon lights up on your car's dash. You don’t see the light, but sooner than later your car’s engine will be destroyed. Now with algorithms and artificial intelligence developed at the  Los Alamos National Lab you can discover the health of your microbiome in the privacy of your own home. What if the best you feel now is only the beginning of how great your health can be? You can now take control of your health and wellness in ways never before possible. Together we can create a world where we make illness elective, even if you are thoughtful about your diet, chances are that you are not as healthy as you may believe. That’s because your body plays host to trillions of microorganisms completely unique to you, and if they aren’t thriving, neither will you. The test will personalize your diet for improved health and wellness based on LANL technology( Los Alamos National Lab). 

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