The biochemical file is accessed in the human bio computer with the outstretched arm pointed towards the ground. this file is vast. It consists of nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxicity, food and environmental sensitivities. These sensitivities could be ingested, inhaled, metabolic, injected, topical, electronic, auto immune and or hormonal. There may be pathological microbes, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It encompasses blood sugar dysfunction. Dehydration could be a factor. Enzyme deficiencies may be present dysfunctions may exist in the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle. Heavy metals may be present. The gastrointestinal system is extremely important when it comes to the biochemical.  this is where digestion, absorption and elimination take place. All three of these processes must be functionong at an optimal level in order for the body to be functioning at an optimal level.

Roots copy.jpg

 An analogy can be made between the roots of the plant and our gastrointestinal system. Healthy roots make for a healthy plant.